Avro Vulcan B2 Bomber

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Build of an RC Avro Vulcan B2 Bomber

This is the build of  Avro Vulcan B2 Bomber 36″ wingspan depron bomber with two brush-less pusher motors was available from Green Air Designs.

Flies extremely well on a 1300mAH Lipo battery.  Depron is usually used for floor insulation but is used as one of the main building materials for Radio Controlled planes these days

Its finished as the Vulcan that bombed the runway at Port Stanley in the Falklands  – XM607 Which is on display at the RAF base Waddington in Lincolnshire.  Highly recommended the book Vulcan 607 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vulcan-607-Rowland-White/dp/0593053915.

The operation was known as Black Buck and wouldn’t have been possible without the Handley Page Victor tankers, about a dozen were required.  XM607 was actually the backup as XM598 had a problem with a window seal had had to turn back.

The raid at the time was the longest bombing raid ever – 8,000 miles.

The Vulcan shows 175 Watts on the watt meter with a weight of 20 oz with a battery it has 140Watt per pound so she has ample power.  The battery is a 1300mAH 3s lipo. Launching her is very easy and looks great in the air.


I crashed her and she’s in the repair hanger just started fixing her. My fault I had the battery in the wrong position and she wasn’t happy and did a backflip followed by nosedive.  Ouch!

vulcan broken

All repaired and flying again even better.

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    • Keith

      Hi Mike
      Mine came from Green Air Design http://greenairdesigns.com but looking today the site appears to be down. They did do a bigger version but stopped doing the 36″ wingspan, but it was a lot more money. It seems now the only way now is to build one. Tony Nighuis has one were you can get all the parts cnc cut http://tonynijhuisdesigns.co.uk/Vulcan-Electric.html
      It seems the iconic planes are harder to get now, its the same with the Lancaster, I suppose everyone wants drones now and there is not enough demand to justify the manufacturing cost.
      Hope that helps

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