The site in the link is  dedicated to the VC10 and some of the people on the forum have been very helpful

Some nice 3 view drawings at which can be purchased in eps format

Some pictures I took of the VC10 at RAF Leuchars Sept 2010

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All the VC10’s have now been retired and a couple have been purchased one by the Classic Air Force  and the other  by

The Classic Air Force no longer exist ZA-148 is now part of the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre

ZA-148 at NewQuay has had her engines removed as you can see from the pictures.  The engines cost £12,000 each and the museum couldn’t afford them, the cost of ZA148 was £40,000.


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Check this video out on YouTube – VC10’s and a Vulcan doesn’t get much better than that.  Sadly all these great planes are now museum pieces although a VC-10 can be seen at on fast taxi runs

Chris Golds the renowned RC modeler has been very supportive and helpful as well as Alasdair Sutherland who’s book on Aeronautics for Modelers has been a real help which you can get form Amazon I’ve emailed them on a few occasions and both have replied and given great advice.

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