RC Top Hobby Focke Wulf 190A

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My third Focke Wulf 190A

This is my latest Focke Wulf 190A from RC Top Hobby which now has a 3d printed spinner, see later in the post, flies very nice.  I really do like the FW190 both versions will need to add an FW190D at some point.  This one has light, flaps and retracts.

FW190A with 3D printed spinner

This was my first

My ill fated FW190. Was too heavy and dropped like a stone when power was off.
This is the ill-fated FW190.  It was too heavy and dropped like a stone when power was off.

This was first Focke-Wulf 190A from an Aerotech kit who are no longer in business. Wingspan was 50″ and I fitted an SC 52 four stroke engine.
Maiden flight was good.  I was worried about the weight as I had to put a lot of lead up front to get the C of G correct.
I couldn’t find any suitable decals so I made my own using waterslide printed on my inkjet printer.
The model was covered in brown paper and PVA painted in B & Q match emulsion, then sprayed with acrylic varnish to seal.

Update – I was correct in worrying about the weight.  The model was very twitching on taking off but once flying reasonably fast it was OK.  The engine cut on me and it dropped like a stone. Although it was repairable I decided it was never going to be good flyer weighing in at nearly 7lbs. So I scrapped her.

My second FW190 was a Kyosho ARTF kit. Notice the word was ?.  Flew very well but gravity finally won the day.

Now on my third one. From “Top RC Hobby FW190 Focke Wulf”  I believe this is the same one as HobbyKing sell

I do like the FW190, but this time it’s an all electric. Maiden flight was very good. The only issue is wheels are a bit small for grass, so had to get a helper to hold the tail until I had almost full power applied and then she took off.  Didn’t need any trim at all flew like it was on rails.

focke wulf 190a
RC top Hobby FW190A

RC Top Hobby FW190 fw190-2

3 Responses

  1. Rod Ashton

    Would you offer for sale, your decal plan for the FW 109 for sale please. Have an elderly plane that needs a refurbish.

    • Keith

      Hi Rod
      I made these decals probably over 10 years ago and I’m not sure I still have the files. I’ll have a look but can’t promise anything. The spinner is on Thingverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2280794 which you can download for free. Its only the spinner front and not the backplate.


  2. Rod Ashton

    Keith – Thank you for the spinner info.
    We seem to have very similar kit. I have a CNC router on PlanetCNC control, an X3 CNC mill and a Denford CNC lathe on Mach 3.
    Like your CNC foam cutter. Mine is manual with templates. But have often thought of upgrading.
    Love to have the decal files if you can manage to find them.

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