Mig-29 Vectored Thrust

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My first Mig-29 This is my Mig-29 Fulcrum built from an RCPowers plan.  http://www.rcpowers.com This so far is one of the best Park Jets I’ve built really impressed with it.  Dave at RCPowers has the got the motor and prop … Continued

Decals – make your own for RC airplanes with an Inkjet Printer

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When I purchased my FW190 at a model show I neglected to check if there were any decals in the kit. For several reasons I didn’t start the kit for a couple of years after I bought it.  AeroTech went … Continued

RC Hawker Hurricane built with a Hot Wire CNC foam cutter

Why build a Hawker Hurricane in foam with a Hotwire CNC foam cutter? Well as you may have noticed on my website I’ve built a Hot Wire CNC foam cutter and built several flying wings. So I was thinking about … Continued

Radio Controlled Plane Gallery

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This gallery shows picture I’ve taken at the Rotherham District and Model Flying Club.  I’m a keen photographer and these are some of the shots I’m most pleased with . Some of the models are mine but most are club … Continued

Hot Wire CNC flying wing build details

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Here are the build details and some videos of my first hot wire flying wing made with my CNC foam cutter.  If you’d like to build a foam cutter then I have all the information here   http://www.rckeith.co.uk/cnc-hot-wire-foam-cutter/. I’ve called it … Continued

HobbyKing FPV – ArduPilot (HKPilot 2.7)

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The FPV wing I built with my CNC hot wire foam cutter didn’t last very long.  I added a HobbyKing 3 axis gyro to it and it felt very strange on the first flight and then disaster on the second.   … Continued

FPV Flying Wing

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FPV Flying Wing Build FPV (First Person View) if you don’t know is probably as near as you can get to real flying without being in one of those big simulators costing lots of money.  Basically you can see what … Continued

De Havilland Mosquito – Tony Nijhuis 47 inch Kit

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DH Mosquito Build This is my build of the Tony Nijhuis 47” De Havilland Mosquito.  Here’s a link to Tony’s site where you can buy the kit or just the plan http://www.tonynijhuisdesigns.co.uk/multies.htm.  It was a free plan in RCM&E in … Continued

Vickers Super VC-10

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This is how I built a Radio Controlled Vickers VC-10.  It took me 3 years from initial idea to maiden flight.  This wasn’t a continuous 3 years but when I could spare the time.  I sometimes thought I’d been too ambitious … Continued

P51D Mustang

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This is a Cambrian P51D Mustang which is  I don’t think is available anymore I built this several years ago and it was my first proper build,  it turned out much better than I expected.   The first flight was very … Continued

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