These posts show my build and other useful information I developed on my CNC journey.  I’m just a hobbyist that uses my machines to build Radio Controlled parts for my planes and drones.  I’ve learnt many things and made a few mistakes but mistakes aren’t always bad you can learn a lot from them.  The software is often the biggest challenge and I use both Mach3 and LinuxCNC which is OpenSource (free).

Included is the build of my CNC router supplied by Ooznest which uses the Openbuilds OX design.  Ooznest have made a few improvements to increase rigidity and it performs really well.  I use my 4 axis TB6560 controller to power mine as used on my Hot Wire CNC foam cutter

Hope they help

OpenBuilds OX DIY CNC router from Ooznest

OpenBuilds OX DIY CNC router from Ooznest

This is the build log of the OpenBuilds OX CNC router from Ooznest. Having already built a Hot ...

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