OpenBuilds OX CNC router from Ooznest build – Part 2

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Ooznest OX CNC router with Mach3

As you can see the build of the OX CNC router is almost complete.  Next step is to get the limit switches and the emergency stop installed and wired up.

OX CNC router running


I’ve used a 4 port RJ-45 socket to connect my steppers and limit switches.  Only 4 of the 8 wires in the Cat5e cable are used so I can use the two for the switches. The switches are wired in series as I have done on my CNC hot wire cutter to pin 11.

CNC OX router from openbuilds stepper motor wiring

This allows me to swap back to my hot wire machine just by plugging in in the Cat5e cables back into the towers and run up a different config in Mach3.

The small 5 port ribbon connector on the controller I used to connect all the switches in series.  As I used RJ45 LAN cables with 8 wires I was able to use the 2 of the 4 spares to get the inputs back to the controller board.

Its wired up as this document from PDF document Limits diagram

Mach3 is clever enough to know which axis the input relates to.   This confused me a bit a first but if you follow this setup it works fine.  When you press REF ALL HOME each axis should home, its quite satisfying to watch it all work.

When the switches are wired up go to the Mach3 diagnostic screen and test that each switch lights up all LEDs as screenshot shown below

cnc Mach3 4 axis config

Emergency Stop

I’ve wired the E-stop with a Cat5e cable back to the controller. Which has a RJ-45 socket installed and connected to the E-stop on the TB6650.  The joypad works via a plugin on the Mach3 website and can be configured to move all axis and buttons set to a function of you choice.  Works really well.

Ooznest CNC router mount

I’ve opted for the Ooznest router mount which didn’t fit the Katsu router in my fault should have checked. I did try adding some packing but it wasn’t ideal so I purchased another  from eBay Katsu trim router


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