Mig-29 Vectored Thrust

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My first Mig-29

This is my Mig-29 Fulcrum built from an RCPowers plan.  http://www.rcpowers.com This so far is one of the best Park Jets I’ve built really impressed with it.  Dave at RCPowers has the got the motor and prop selection absolutely perfect.  I’m flying with 1300Mah 3s Lipo’s and a 2200Kv motor with a 6×4 prop.

I built the later version called Mig-29 V1 from RCPowers as well and it never did seem to as well. But looking back and seeing what great success other flyers have had with this one I think I didn’t get it dialled in right. Still, have the plans, will probably build this again. I have a video showing some bungee launch testing with the Mig-29 I was doing for my VC10, video here

Only slight weakness is the hinge on the tail as the motor is mounted there.

New Build for 2019

So here’s the new build of the Mig-29. looks like its been nearly 10 years since I built the one above. Phew doesn’t time fly as you get older? The plan isn’t available anymore but there are updated versions which all fly well. Dave from RCPowers has retired from producing plans and I’ve heard he just wants to fly as a hobby again. Luckily most of the plans are still available from FRCfoamies who have taken over maintaining them and there are a couple of free ones.

I’m going to add a KF4 airfoil to this new one just to see how much it improves the flying. The motor as you can see fits on the elevator and is operated by two servos. I used two 9 gram Metal Geared servos for that which should handle any heavy landings. I’m using a 40 Amp ESC with a 6×4 prop with a 2216 2200kv brushless motor

Using a 1300 mAH 3S lipo battery the weight has come out at 19oz or 450 grams including the paint scheme.
Just waiting for some calm weather to give her a maiden flight.

Flies really well on the KF4’s

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