How to use Jedicut G-Code with GRBL 4 Axis CNC Foam Cutter

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Jedicut is a free program that can be used with the USB CNC foam cutter build on this website. It only runs on Windows. I have made a full tutorial on making a swept-wing using Jedicut but this was configured to use LinuxCNC. So in this post, I’ll show what needs to be changed to work with the new USB foam cutter.

You can download Jedicut from here

What is Jedicut?

You may ask. It’s used to generate G-code for 4 axis hot wire CNC foam cutters. You create your project by uploading either DXF or DAT files which are usually wing profiles but other shapes can be used. Once you have configured all your dimension a cut file is produced with the G-code that we upload to our USB foam cutter. But it won’t work unless we change a few setting.

Jedicut does have the ability to control a CNC machine but this post is only concerned with generating G-Code with the plugin included with Jedicut.

Jedicut clarky

Making Jedicut work with the USB CNC Foam Cutter

If you just installed Jedicut and tried to upload some G-Code you may get errors from the Grbl Hotwire Controller used by the USB foam cutter.

Step 1 – Matching the Axis Names

jedicut error 4 axis grbl foam cutter

The error above is usually caused by the Axis names not matching what the GRBL software expects.

The error message is a bit obscure but it usually means the axis names generated by Jedicut are don’t match our Grbl Hotwire Controller This is easy to fix, just go Tools->Options and then the GCode tab. In the ‘Name of axes’ dialogue change X2 to U and Y2 to Z as the picture below.

jedicut axis correct for grbl foam cutter

Step 2 – Remove Static Header Setting

Once you have changed the Axis names the error should stop and your G-code should load. When you try to run it through you will get a couple of errors against the some of the setting in the Static Header. These G-codes are not implemented in our firmware which causes the error.

So all we need to do is remove all the lines apart from


Test Run

With the changes made you should find Jedicut will run without any issues on the USB CNC foam cutter. The picture shows a test I made with the above changes. Jedicut works in Incremental Mode its G-codes are referenced to the last position and not the zero origins. The viewer can look a little strange when using Jedicut

Hopefully, these steps now have your running G-code. If you are still having issues just drop me a line and I’ll take a look.

G-code running on Grbl Hotwire Controller

4 Responses

  1. Klaus Eckstein

    Hallo Keith,
    With witch Program can i make Fuselage gcode dir my foamcutter ,i Know devfus but this ist not free .i Design my Fuselage in fusion360 but there is No Postprozessor for foamcutting .i Hope you can Help me
    Thanks so much
    Greetings From Germany

    • Keith

      Hi Klaus
      I’m afraid DevFus Foam is the only option that I have found can do fuselages with any success. If you had a simple fuselag then Jedicut may be able to do it. But it would need a lot of work to get all the profiles. It’s a shame Fusion 360 doesn’t have a post processor. I have been asking on them but never had any success.
      DevFus Foam is very good and if you compare the price to the cost of a new RC model it doesn’t seem so bad and you can make many fuselages.
      Hope that helps a little

  2. mike schildt

    Hi Keith
    great information, my issue with jedicut is when adding the wing data. i can’t change the wing root and tip relative thickness. both are light gray. they start out editable but as soon as i add the wing dat file they both gray out and are not editable. Mike

    • Keith

      Hi Mike
      Can you send some screenshots not sure I understand your problem. Send them via the contact page there is an option to upload files there

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