With this eBook, you will be able to build on a modest budget a HotWire CNC Foam Cutter.

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Why would you want to use a CNC machine to make wings and fuselages?  Surely it’s cheaper to buy models than build a CNC machine.   

Yes, it can be to start with but some of the big EDF jets made from foam can be quite expensive. I’ve seen a few crashed beyond repair at my flying club.  The first flying wing I built with the machine flew fantastic until I crashed it, well I crashed it a few times but the last one was its final.  So power up the machine and cut some new wing cores and I was back in the air in a few days.  I made a video series showing the build of the new wing here

Another reason I use my machine is to build models that you can’t buy or if you could they would be very expensive.  I really enjoy researching and designing my own and there’s some very good software you can use now.

Whats in this eBook

  • Full instructions showing how to build the machine
  • A proven design. Check my the RC Planes section on the website to see what you can build.
  • Detailed plans for the mechanical build.
  • Several options for the electronic hardware with product links and recommendations
  • Foams that can be used.
  • Links to g-code to run on wing to test your machine on.
  • And finally software, which can be the most challenging part. I cover both free and paid options. Mach3, LinuxCNC, JediCut, DevFus Foam and Profili2 Pro.