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So you’ve made some wings with your Hot WIre CNC Foam Cutter and wondered if you can make a fuselage in a similar way.  I’ve been on that journey and now I can share my knowledge and experience.  I’ve made a Hawker Hurricane using the previous version of DevFus Foam and it was a challenge but turned out better than I imagined.  Here’s a the build page if you want to take a look.

This article and the video series should help you get to grips with DevFus Foam 2.  Its not the easiest software to learn and the documentation is OK but more of a reference than a tutorial.  We are going to build a BAE Hawk jet with a 64mm EDF fan.  It’s also known as the T45 Goshawk as used by the US Navy.

Of course you can always buy one and they do look good and fly well.  But if you crash, it can be hard to repair if thats possible.  Building your own if that happens means you can remake any broken parts.


BAE Hawk

How does DevFus Foam 2 work

We start of with a drawing of our intended model.  This can be a CAD drawing in dxf fromat or an image file, such as jpeg.  Several image formats are supported.

The image is imported, top and side views and then we calibrate it to our desired size.  Once we have the image DevFus Foam 2 creates outlines of the top and side views, but these usually need to be manipulated.

We are then asked for the size of foam to use and from that the formers are generated.  Unless its a very  simple design these will most likely need some work.  The first video is an overview and shows the basic operation.

DevFus Foam outlines

Once we have the formers we have some options for spars, lightening holes and sheeting.  DevFus Foam 2 introduced wing and canopy slots options.  On my Hawker Hurricane I had to make a template for the wing slot and eyeball it on the fuselage and cut out the recess for the wing.  It was a bit tricky but worked out OK.


What do we need to get started.

  • DevFus Foam 2
  • CNC Foam cutter
  • Windows Computer 32 or 64bit

DevFus Foam 2 isn’t free software but you can download the full version and use nearly every feature.  The only thing you won’t be able to do is generate the g-code.  For that you will need a license. Check .  It’s not the cheapest software but I haven’t found anything that’s come close.  Version 2 has some extra features such wing and canopy slots.

Hot Wire CNC foam cutter – If you don’t have one yet then I have a series of articles and a free e-book.  This has all the details, plans and parts list.

Part 1

This video is an overview so you can see how the applications works without too much detail.


Part 2

This video starts at importing an image, our BAE Hawk and then covers creating the outlines of the fuselage.  The formers are generated and then we use some section cut images of our Hawk to get the jet intakes looking good.  The is probably where you will speed the bulk of your time. Quite a long video around 45 minutes



Part 3

In this video I cover a quick tip to help align the formers with the image and then go one to create the wing and canopy slot.  I then show how to generate the g-code for one of the foam blocks.


Part 4

Will show the foam parts of the fuselage being made on the CNC foam cutter.  Once all these are cut then the wing and canopy slot will be cut out.

Video will be out very soon.  Once the video is out I will release the g-code and the projects files which you can load into you copy of DevFus Foam2.  This will load in the non licensed version as well



The wings can be made with free software such as JediCut and David the Swarfer G-code generator.  I have article and a video on these

The companion program to DevFus Foam 2 is DevWing Foam This is paid software but I haven’t upgraded to this yet, the pervious version was Profili 2 Pro which I’ve used many time to make foam wings. So I will probably use this.


Final Assembly and Test Flight – coming soon

I’ll make a video on the final assembly and test flight so keep checking back or better still subscribe to my YouTube channel here to get notified, don’t forget that little bell to get notified.

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