Easy Way to Upload CNC Foam Cutter Firmware

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This is an easy way the upload the Arduino firmware for the CNC Foam cutter using a Windows application called XLoader.

Since releasing the build for the USB HotWire CNC Foam Cutter I’ve had quite a few guys contact me who are struggling to compile and upload the firmware. If you haven’t come across this before it can seem a little daunting. So here is a much easier way to upload.

I have pre-complied the firmware for the Arduino Mega 2560 into a binary file often called a Hex file. The later firmware requires the GRBL HotWire Mega 5X Windows application.

This latest firmware is a customised version grbl-Mega-5X with changes to suit the 4 axis foam cutter. Many thanks to Gauthier Brière for making this awesome port of grbl 1.1

Step 1

Download the zip file.

FirmwareDownload LinkNotes
GRBL HotWire Mega 5XLatest

Step 2

Extract the contents of the zip file you have downloaded to a suitable place on your computer. You will need a Windows operating system to use the XLoader application in the download.

The image below shows the files for the latest firmware to work with the GRBL HotWire Mega 5X Application

Files extracted for latest version

Step 3

Connect your Arduino Mega to your computer.

Step 4

Launch the Xloader application from your download. My computer used COM4 but yours may be different. Just select whichever COM port is connected to your Arduino Mega. Follow the steps below with grblUpload.ino.hex.

Firmware is now uploaded

That’s it if you launch the Windows application and connect to the Arduino Mega you will see as below. Follow the video to complete the rest of the install.

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