HotWire CNC eBook Version 4.2

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This Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter eBook for computers and laptops with a USB interface. I’ve also included all the details should you wish to use a computer with the old parallel port interface running Mach3 or LinuxCNC.

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Please check back from time to time because I do update the eBook with new information and user feedback. This was released on August 17th 2020.

What’s in this eBook 4.2

  • Full instructions showing how to build the machine with video tutorials.
  • An updated design. I’ve made several modifications to make the build simpler. The new design is lighter and intended to be run with stepper motors and controllers used in 3d printers.  You can still use other stepper motors and controllers if you wish. Details in the ebook
  • Links to the plans for the mechanical build. Full-size templates for all but 2 parts of the build e.g. stepper motor mounts. There is a small charge for the plans.
  • Electronics install and configuration 
  • Links to parts required to build the machine.  Parts List here 
  • Foams I use, how to power hot wire and suggested speeds and feeds. 
  • Using Mach3 or LinuxCNC with the parallel port interface.
  • And finally, software, which can be the most challenging part. I cover both free and paid options.