Hot Wire CNC Controller

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Hot Wire CNC Controller

This is the CNC Controller for the GRBL software. This software is windows only. I did not write the software. It's just provided here for convenience.


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  1. Dave Mansfield

    I still had problems with the grbl. It presented the same screen you had in your video but the XYUV spaces were all blank and couldn’t put anything in them. The jog buttons did nothing. Then, I lost that presentation altogether and all I can get now is a page full of text. I think I’m close but not quite there yet? I’ll try it on my MacBook tomorrow. Thanks

    • Keith

      Hi Dave
      You can’t put anything in the XYUV spaces. There is a send box where you can type commands like G01 X10 Y10. It’s windows only software and won’t work on a Mac.


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