GRBL HotWire Mega 5X Application

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GRBL HotWire Mega 5X Application

This  Windows Application works with the Arduino Mega Firmware grbl-Mega-5X.

  • Limit Switches/End-Stops now supported
  • G93 Inverse Time mode supported
  • Running a version of latest GRBL firmware adapted by Gauthier Brière for 5 axes.  The firmware has been customised for the foam cutter so use the firmware on this site and not from Gauthier GitHub Repository.  There are several changes in the config.h and defaults.h to suit the foam cutter.
  • Connect/Rescan buttons issue fixed on older laptops
  • G-code developed in Jedicut now displays correctly
  • Bad Number format error message fixed.
  • GUI has been reworked slightly for CNC foam cutting

I've only tested this software on Windows 10, I don't have older version anymore.

If you do find issues please use the older GRBL HotWire Controller program and the GRBL8c2mega2560RAMPS firmware on older operating systems.

Please be aware I'm not a developer I've only modified a few parts of the old application to work with the newer firmware. If you have any issues I'll do my best to help.  I have tested several times and for me, on Windows 10 everything works fine.

Use at your own risk and run the foam cutter first without any foam to check everything works as expected.

Please check the post here which gives full details on the install and accompanying video.




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