How to Cover Wings and Fuselages with Brown Paper and White Glue.

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Cheap and Strong

I’ve used the brown paper method on several projects including my latest flying wing.  It makes an incredibly strong wing and can be finished in a couple of ways. Best of all its cheap all you need is some brown parcel paper and PVA white glue also known as Elmers in the USA.

If you can wallpaper a room then you’re already an expert.  The process is almost the same and just as messy!.

I mix glue to a milky consistency 50/50 with water and use brown parcel paper.  Don’t use the recycled stuff it doesn’t seem to work as well.

One word of warning make sure you do the whole wing or half span in one session otherwise you can end up with a warped wing because as it dries it will shrink and pull it out of shape.

My video which was published in Feb 2018 shows the whole process start to finish on my foam flying wing and the other models I’ve used it on.

Below are some of my projects which have all been covered with brown paper and white glue.

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  1. Nathan Knight

    I have actually been using this process after watching your videos. Its a big 70″ f-100 jet. One thing i find helpful, as im using white foam, is to add a couple teaspoons or so of acrylic paint. This really helps to see where you have put down your glue.

    Looking forward to your linuxcnc for hot wire cutters info. I have been cutting by hand but have a list of parts to order for cnc cutting. ONly thing holding me back was the cost of that mach3 software.
    wrapping the wing:
    build log:

  2. Omar

    These are really helpful instructions on the sealing process. One question, do we need to use wood glue or we can use the white paper glue (Elmer’s white glue for schools) as well?

    • Keith

      Hi Omar
      Elmer’s white glue is fine I think its the same stuff.


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