FREE g-code to make the fuselage and wings for a BAE Hawk/T45 Goshawk

Here are files to make the BAE Hawk or T45 Goshawk with a Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter. These files are based upon my Video Tutorial for DevFus Foam 2. If you don’t have a CNC foam cutter you can … Continued

Getting Started with DevFus Foam 2 – Hot Wire CNC Foam Fuselage

So you’ve made some wings with your Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter and wondered if you can make fuselages as well   I’ve been on that journey to and now I can share my knowledge and experience. I purchased DevFus Foam … Continued

Free CNC software to make foam wings with a Hot Wire CNC foam cutter

posted in: CNC, Hot Wire, JediCut, LinuxCNC, Software | 2

You’ve built your 4 axes CNC Foam Cutter and now you need some free CNC software to generate g-code for that foam wing. If you can afford it then buying software may be the way to go, but expect to … Continued

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