OpenBuilds OX DIY CNC router from Ooznest

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This is the build log of the OpenBuilds OX CNC router from Ooznest. Having already built a Hot Wire CNC foam cutter I got the bug to build a CNC router.   I’ve used the controller with Mach3 and LinuxCNC that … Continued

How to get started with a Linux CNC router

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Why use Linux CNC I suppose the obvious answer is that a Linux CNC router software is FREE  to use being Open Source. This post shows how to get the OX CNC router from OpenBuilds working with Linux CNC and a TB6560 CNC … Continued

Free CNC software for 3 and 4 axis machines

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Why would I use free CNC software You’ve built your 4 Axis hot wire foam cutting machine or 3 Axis router and now you need some CNC software to control the machine. I often get questions through this website from … Continued

6 Solutions for Mach3 Obsolete Parallel Port Interface

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The parallel port has been discontinued on PC’s for several years now.  It was mainly used to connect a PC to a printer.  Mach3 was designed to use this port to send the step, direction pulse to the CNC controller … Continued

CNC router for the hobbyist

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These posts show my build and other useful information I developed on my CNC journey.  I’m just a hobbyist that uses my machines to build Radio Controlled parts for my planes and drones.  I’ve learnt many things and made a … Continued

TB6560 CNC 4 axis spindle relay configuration for Mach3 or LinuxCNC

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TB6560 4 axis spindle relay configuration with Mach3 or LinuxCNC is fairly straightforward.   But it took me some time to figure out. So here’s how I got the board to work. I wanted to be able to control my … Continued

CNC Router

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CNC router build from Ooznest – Openbuild OX design Here is the build of my CNC router supplied by Ooznest which uses the Openbuilds OX design. Ooznest have made a few improvements to increase rigidity and it performs really well. … Continued

4 Axis CNC Configuration for TB6560 and Mach3

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Mach3 is the software that turns your computer into a CNC machine controller. If you’ve found this page because you can’t get your machine to work then I hope this helps you. If after trying the settings I’ve used it still … Continued

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