How to get successful 3d Prints with ABS on a Glass Heated Beb

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Printing ABS on a 3d printer can be a little harder than PLA. Up until now, I have avoided it after a couple of poor prints. I built a tri-copter that used a PLA 3d-printed yaw mechanism but I’ve broken … Continued

Anet A8 heated bed upgrade using ATX computer power supply

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Why upgrade the Anet A8 heated bed power supply I’ve upgraded my Anet A8 to use an ATX computer power supply(PSU) to power the heated bed.  Why would you need to do this?  The printer worked fine without it.  The … Continued

Anet A8 3D Printer why I choose it

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I finally decided to get an Anet A8 3D printer which complements my other CNC machines, the router and hot-wire foam cutter. It’s basically a copy of the Prusa i3 which costs a lot more. I’ve had mine sometime now and it’s one … Continued

RC Top Hobby Focke Wulf 190A

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My third Focke Wulf 190A This is my latest Focke Wulf 190A from RC Top Hobby which now has a 3d printed spinner, see later in the post, flies very nice.  I really do like the FW190 both versions will … Continued

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