CNC Hawker Hurricane Update

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Here’s a progress report on my CNC Hawker Hurricane built with my Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter. The video below shows how far I’ve progressed. it’s going to be built as a Desert Air Force Hurricane IID tank buster, with the tropical air filter and 40 mm cannon. I think this is one of the best looking Hurricanes.

Centre of Gravity for battery placement

The picture shows testing the center of gravity so I can decided where the battery needs to be positioned. Center of gravity on this model is 72 mm from the leading edge. Absolutely critical to get right or a crash will be certain, a bit nose heavy is usually good for maiden flights. You can then adjust to make it more to your flying taste.

Its a 3S 3000mAH which I use on my Ripmax Spitfire as well, get 8-10 minutes flying time. The video show some of the issues I’ve had with making this Hawker Hurricane from foam with my Hot Wire CNC Machine. Main issues have been cutting out the wing seat and blending the wing into the fuselage. I also show how to use a wing incidence meter to check the elevator is aligned with the wing i.e. its not pointing up or down in relation to the wing.

Wing and Fuselage covering

The wing has been covered in brown paper with diluted PVA glue and then sanding sealer. The fuselage I’m going to use thin fiberglass cloth and poly-c which is very similar to epoxy. I’ve tried it on a test piece and the result look promising. The brush-less motor is an Turnigy 1150kv 35mm diameter which will use a 11×7 folding propeller. Servos are 9 grams and in the fuselage I’ve used the plug from the fuselage section cut out on the Hot Wire CNC to mount the servo’s. It fits perfectly as it should because it was cut from this section of the fuselage. Servos are very solid. Subscribe to the eBook and YouTube channel to keep updated. Hope to have the maiden flight before the end of the year, need to get cracking now!

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