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What are Classic Hot Rods?

Classic Hot Rods in the UK were the cheapest form of non-contact motorsport you could get in too. You raced on a 1/4 mile oval circuit and the most popular cars back then were Ford Escorts Mk1/2, Ford Anglia and Mini’s. The rules, if I remember correctly, were a maximum of 1700cc carburetted engines.

These pictures are from around 1977-79 when I use to go the Northampton Stadium and Hednesford Raceway to watch Hot Rods and most other oval formulas. As this is so long ago they are now referred to as Classic Hot Rods. F1 stock cars were also a big favourite of mine,  the big names around then were Stuart Smith and Frankie Wainman who’s son’s carry on the family tradition.

Barry Lee’s droop snoot Escort Mk2

Classic Hotrods

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I also had a go at Hot Rods myself winning a couple of races a Kimbolton where there was an oval, I believe it’s gone now. I prepared my own car a Mini number 499.  Barry Lee was the big name back then as well as George Polly, Duffy Collard, Pete Briars, John Edwards, Gordon Bland the Grimer brothers.  The pictures were in poor condition so I’ve edited them with Affinity Photo to improve them up as best I could.

There is now a whole series for Classic Hot Rods and more details can be found here on the official website I’m going to try and get to a race meeting in 2020 if possible.

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  1. peter briars

    Hi, like the hot rod pics, got any more of hot rod 104.

    • Keith

      Hi Pete
      That’s all l have. Is that your car ?

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