CNC Foam Cutters Builders Gallery

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This CNC Foam Cutters builders gallery shows machines built by fellow enthusiasts who have been kind enough to allow me to show their pictures.

As you can see you don’t have to follow my builds exactly or use the same materials. 3d printing is becoming a popular way to build CNC quite often referred to as MPCNC (mostly printed CNC)

Bill’s Foam cutter

This is Bill’s foam cutter built following the plans. Bill has posted a lot more pictures on RC Groups so have a look at a great build.

cnc foam cutter built from plans

Colin’s Foam Cutter

This is Colin’s foam cutter and he’s used the WingWire software developed by Dominik Schuler and very happy with it. Dominik’s post on Thingiverse has all the details including the software download

Jeff’s Machine using extrusions

Jeff has built his machine using aluminium extrusions. It measure 700mm on the horizontal axes, 300mm on the vertical axes and has a seperation of 750mm. Jeff use Mach3 and 4 with NEMA 23 steppers and DQ542MA stepper drivers. A very good looking foam cutter.

Ian’s Foam Cutter

Ian has built the foam cutter from the plans and he’s made a very good job of it. He’s also found from testing he gets much better results with a bench power supply to power the hot wire.

Mark’s 3d Printed Foam Cutter

Mark has used PETG filament and Baltic Birch Ply check out his designs on Thingiverse The controller mount with the fan looks very good.

Tony’s 3d Printed Foam Cutter

Nathan Foam Cutter Using LinuxCNC with the Parallel Port

LinuxCNC with the parallel port is still a good option in 2020. Recycle that old desktop and you have a very good foam cutter which can use more powerful NEMA23 stepper motors.

Peter’s USB Foam Cutter using Lead Screws

Peter decided to use lead screws rather than threaded rods. Check the parts list where I have listed the sizes required. You will need to calibrate the steps/mm because the pitch and diameter are different.

Klaus has converted his TB6560 to USB using an Arduino

If you want to convert your parallel port contoller to USB then using an Arduino is a good option. You will need to use different software because Mach3 and LinuxCNC won’t work.

Tony’s Machine

Tony has used right angled stepper motor mounts on his machine.

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    • Keith

      Thanks Mark great work you’re a master to making all those parts.

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    fix link, please.

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      Hi Dan
      There was a WordPress update recently that seems to have messed up some image links all should be good now

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