I’m a Radio Control drone, plane, FPV and all things CNC enthusiast. This is where I share my projects. Some have taken me nearly 3 years to complete, like the Vickers Super VC-10 airliner, others have been a bit quicker. I enjoy building my own aeroplanes, drone or multi-copters which has taken me down the CNC path. My first CNC machine was a Hot Wire CNC foam cutter.

rckeith mohne dam
Mohne Dam 2018 another one off my bucket list


I got inspired to build my Hot Wire CNC machine after making many foam templates for my VC-10 airliner. Since then I’ve built an OX CNC Router and an ANet A8 3D printer I started out as a motor mechanic and drifted into IT and have done that for the last 25 years. Now retired. Which may sound a strange path to take but has proved very an interesting one. Let me try and explain. You need good analytical skills as a motor mechanic to diagnose problems and that works equally as well in IT. I love building websites even though I’m the wrong side of fifty (actually sixty). This site is made with WordPress.


My projects have included Vickers Super VC10 depron airliner, Avro Lancaster Bomber, CNC hot wire foam cutter, All CNC foam Hawker Hurricane using Profili2 Pro and DevFus software to generate the g-code, OX CNC Router from OpenBuilds design supplied by Ooznest, 3D printing RC parts

I’m also a motorcycle fan and managed to achieve one of my bucket list items in 2014. I visited the Isle of Man for the Isle of Man Senior TT.

I’ve created this site to share some of my builds and video’s and give something back as I’ve had some great help and advice from the internet community.


I’ve become a keen photographer which was probably the result of this website.

One thing I quickly noticed when creating content was that my pictures were quite poor and so I decided to get a Digital SLR camera to improve them. Well, the pictures weren’t much better; the problem was me and I didn’t really understand photography or how to use my Digital SLR camera. One of my lifelong ambitions was to go to the Isle of Man TT races and in 2014 I finally made it and was blown away by the spectacle. But before going I needed to learn how to use my Digital SLR camera. We booked the trip almost 12 months in advance, so I had time, no excuses. Read more here

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  1. Graeme Westbrook

    Hi Keith
    I came across you website recently and was interested in you foam cutter. I’ve decided to embark on the project but before I spend to much I was interested in how you might do things now? I’m assuming that the basic building blocks would be the same.
    You advice would be appreciated.

    • Keith

      Hi Graeme
      Thanks for checking out the website. Probably best to answer your question in two parts, hardware and software.
      On the hardware side I wouldn’t change very much. Only the power supply. Mines a bit bulky and uses 2 old PC power supplies wired in series. They are cheap enough now. I still think the old parallel port is the way to go. Controller boards still mostly use these and are plentiful on Amazon and eBay.
      On the software side this where I’d make the biggest changes and where l could have saved a lot of money. I now use LinuxCNC for my router and foam cutter. Will have a new video up and article on the website in next couple of days on the foam cutter using LinuxCNC.
      I’ve spent more money on software than the actual machine. Mach3 is $175 and then the DevWing Foam and DevFus Foam bring that up to around $400. There are free g-code generators for wings which my video and article will show. Still nothing else for fuselages so if you want to make them DevFus Foam is the only I know off.
      If you want to use USB then you’re pretty much tied to Mach3/4 with extra hardware for the USB connection. I still have several old PC’s kicking around that have parallel ports on them and PCI add-on cards for parallel ports are cheap and easy to add.
      Hope that helps

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