3d Printed Red Arrows BAE Hawk

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Many thanks to Eric Simon for this design. Still, have some decals to add. This is for my Grandson Oscar who is 3 years old and loves my Radio Controlled Hawk. Every time he visits we have to get it off the shelf so he can hold it and go zoom. This is the big one flying https://youtu.be/my_BPUEB_8g

Printed with my Anet A8 and enlarged by 25% with Cura. Eric was kind enough to split the files so I could print individually and enlarge.

The files were on https://www.thingiverse.com  but aren’t available now.  I just loaded into Cura and set the fill to 20%  and used a raft. Once in Cura you can enlarge but make sure it still fits on the bed.  It does need support enabling.  I’ve also removed some of the sharper detail that Eric had included so little Oscar doesn’t cut himself

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