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My Racing Days

I started my working career as a apprentice motor mechanic and after 4 years I was qualified.  I trained on Jaguar, Rover and Triumph and loved every minute of it.  I also spent a few years working on BMW’s and was very impressed by the engineering and quality.

I was  and still am very keen on motor racing and with a friend decided to have a go a oval circuit racing.  I raced a Mini at Kimbolton Raceway a short circuit oval between 1978-79.   I managed two first and two seconds.
Here’s me lapping a back marker. I’m the blue car.This car was powered by a A series 998cc revving to 8,500R.P.M with a Weber 40 DCOE twin barrel, with many other modification

Barry Lee 351 - about 1979 - no need for a jack - If I remeber right he went on to win the race
Brian Powles and John Hillam line up for the Final - Northampton 1978 I think!
Loading up for my first race
Pete Grimer just holds the lead in his Mini
Peter Grimer's Mini - always gave the Escorts a good run
Peter Scott inspecting the Grimer brothers Escort and Mini - notice the Allegro !!!
Winning my first race 1979

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