Here’s a few pictures form the GoodWood Festival of Speed 2016.  My son took me as a present for my 60th birthday.  Great time could have done with two days there.  The high-lite for me was seeing Alex Zanardi in the BMW Z4.  He’s a real inspiration considering all he’s been through.  Indy Car Champion and a Olympic gold medal holder.

Will never forget his overtake at Laguna Seca on Bryan Herta at the CorkScrew


GoodWood-2016-1.jpg GoodWood-2016-2.jpg GoodWood-2016-3.jpg GoodWood-2016-4.jpg GoodWood-2016-5.jpg GoodWood-2016-6.jpg GoodWood-2016-7.jpg GoodWood-2016-8.jpg GoodWood-2016-9.jpg GoodWood-2016-10.jpg GoodWood-2016-11.jpg GoodWood-2016-12.jpg GoodWood-2016-13.jpg GoodWood-2016-14.jpg GoodWood-2016-15.jpg GoodWood-2016-16.jpg GoodWood-2016-17.jpg GoodWood-2016-18.jpg GoodWood-2016-19.jpg GoodWood-2016-20.jpg GoodWood-2016-21.jpg GoodWood-2016-22.jpg GoodWood-2016-23.jpg GoodWood-2016-24.jpg GoodWood-2016-25.jpg GoodWood-2016-26.jpg GoodWood-2016-27.jpg GoodWood-2016-28.jpg GoodWood-2016-29.jpg GoodWood2016-100.jpg GoodWood2016-101.jpg


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