Vintage Rangefinder – Yashica Minister D

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Yashica Minister D Vintage Rangefinder Reborn Here’s how I ended up taking pictures with an old Yashica Minister D Vintage Rangefinder .  Let me explain what a Rangefinder camera is. When you look through the viewfinder  you see a split image … Continued

Radio Controlled Plane Gallery

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This gallery shows picture I’ve taken at the Rotherham District and Model Flying Club.  I’m a keen photographer and these are some of the shots I’m most pleased with . Some of the models are mine but most are club … Continued

About Me

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RC aircraft or planes have been my thing since about 2000 and I have built many types from ARTF(Almost-Ready-To-Fly) to scratch built (you do it all yourself).  I’m into most things with engines and wings including hot wire CNC for … Continued

Bailey the Poochon

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Baily is our new dog he’s a Poochon which is  created by the crossing of two non shedding breeds, the Bichon Frise and Poodle, he was born on the 1st of August 2015.  Susan has asthma and we need a … Continued


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My Racing Days I started my working career as a apprentice motor mechanic and after 4 years I was qualified.  I trained on Jaguar, Rover and Triumph and loved every minute of it.  I also spent a few years working … Continued

Make your own decals

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When I purchased my FW190 at a model show I neglected to check if there were any decals in the kit. For several reasons I didn’t start the kit until 2008, a couple of years after I bought it.  Since … Continued

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