3d Printed Red Arrows BAE Hawk

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Many thanks to Eric Simon for this design. Still have some decals to add. This is for my Grandson Oscar who is 3 years old and loves my Radio Controlled Hawk. Every time... READ MORE

Radio Controlled Plane Gallery

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These picture are taken at the Rotherham District and Model Flying Club.  I’m a keen photographer and these are some of the shots I’m most pleased with . Some of the models are... READ MORE

About Me

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RC aircraft or planes have been my thing since about 2000 and I have built many types from ARTF(Almost-Ready-To-Fly) to scratch built (you do it all yourself).  I’m into most things with engines... READ MORE

Anet A8 3d Printer

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The Anet A8 I finally decided to get a 3D-Printer which complements my other CNC machines, the router and hot-wire foam cutter. After a lot of research I decide to get the Anet... READ MORE

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Latest videos


Avro Lancaster Bomber


Testing APM modes EPP-PFV with HobbyKing HK 2.7 ArduPilot


Anet A8 X-axis fix

3d printed spinner for Focke-Wulf 190A



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